Bachelor of Arts in Cree

  • Our Bachelor of Arts in Cree is responding to a growing demand for individuals who are fluent and have skills in Standard Roman Orthography and Syllabics in addition to grounding in the grammar of either language. This program also  prepares students by focusing on second language acquisition methodologies.


  • Classrooms are structured so that there is a balance between lectures, group discussions, special guests, hands on learning experience and ceremony which provides a rich environment where students learn from each other, community as well as from the instructor. Students also have support from student services, peer support and Elder support for both cultural and language issues as well access to counseling services if these are required.


  • The Bachelor of Arts in Cree now offers two tracks: one for fluent speakers which has a greater emphasize on second language acquisition methodologies; the second track is for non-fluent speakers with the emphasize in creating a conversational level of fluency.


  • NEW. This year we are proud to announce that we will be offering a Bachelor of Arts in Dënesųłiné, which is focused on preparing fluent speakers with the skills to work as educators in the classroom.