Masters in Indigenous Languages

  • MIL is a graduate-level program offered at UnBQ. The goal of the program is to provide students with the opportunity to further develop their understanding of language revitalization by providing a forum for exchange of their ideas and share insights through active participation in colloquium, research groups and ceremony.


  • Graduates of the program will become experts and may be gainfully employed in the areas of indigenous language curriculum development, instructing, linguistics, and community language resource personnel (cree,Dënesųłiné).


  • Involvements in reseach project or thesis paper written in Cree, Dënesųłiné or English.


  • Minimum of six full courses at the graduate level and must include elements of the following, linguistics (morphology, phonology, and syntax), literacy and second language acquisitions.


  • For students who are fluent who do not have an undergraduate degree, the must complete either  Cree100 or IYIS 118.


  • For students who are not fluent they must take the first year of the BA in Cree and achieve a functional level of fluency.