Kevin wâsakâyâsiw Lewis – Cree Curriculum Developer/ Associate Professor








Kevin wâsakâyâsiw Lewis, B.A., B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed., ipkDoc Candidate

wâsakâyâsiw is from Ministikwan Lake Cree Nation, SK and is currently a Doctoral Candidate through iyiniw pitmâtisiwin kiskêyihtamowin Doctorate Program (ipkDoc). Research interests have been around Indigenous Knowledge systems, Second Language Acquisition Methodologies, Cree Roles in traditional parenting practices, and is an active oskâpêwis whenever called upon. Mr. Kevin Lewis has worked with language teaching programs for University of Alberta, University of Nuhelot’ine Thaiyots’I nistamêyimâkanak Blue Quills, University College of the North, First Nations University of Canada and University of Saskatchewan.